University-Enterprise Synergy:

The Ateneo de Manila University and Leave a Nest's Collaborative Journey

Ateneo’s Alumni-led SolX becomes First NDC Gov’t Equity Backed Tech Start-Up

In a major win for SolX Technologies Inc., the Philippine government is throwing its support behind the energy startup through the Startup Venture Fund (SVF)National Development Corporation (NDC), this move is a game-changer for SolX and the local startup scene.

SolX is also partnering with Japanese investor Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd., making history as the first recipient of SVF support and Real Tech’s first investment in a Philippine company. The investment announcement was made by NDC last 24 October 2023, at the National Development Company Building – Philippine Innovation Hub.

SolX Technologies offers a platform that simplifies energy processes, helping businesses like Converge ICT and Digital Edge Philippines save over PHP 400 million on energy costs. SolX’s digital energy platform aims to help local businesses find affordable power options. It is like a marketplace for electricity, giving consumers more control and helping lower power costs.The P11-million investment from NDC, part of the SVF, supports SolX’s mission to make clean energy accessible. Real Tech’s investment adds global clout and tech expertise to SolX’s journey. 

SolX started as a student-led startup in Ateneo and has since evolved to be one of the successful incubatees of the Ateneo Blue Nest, which they later successfully graduated from. The Ateneo Blue Nest, a DOST-supported Technology Business Incubator (TBI), is an incubation program of the Ateneo Intellectual Property Office (AIPO) designed to provide support to students, faculty, and innovators both within and outside the Ateneo community in commercializing sustainable and innovative ideas for the benefit of society.

This investment by the NDC and Real Tech is a positive sign of the Philippine startup ecosystem’s commitment to supporting innovative enterprises in the country. AIPO looks forward to supporting more trailblazers set to leave a lasting impact on the Philippine startup landscape.

platform for health information

For almost a decade, researchers from ADMU’s Department of Information Systems and Computer Science, and the Ateneo Center for Computing Competency and Research have conducted continuous R&D to create a platform for health information. These efforts finally culminated into one of the university’s first technology licenses to a spinoff company established to bring the platform to the market. The platform is now well-integrated into the healthcare industry and is used by multiple doctors, clinics, and health centers.


From Research to Spinoff:

Tantum Quantum Headquarters


PNU-SECRA Community Start Up Event for Kabuhayan Para Kay Juana Program

Community extension programs, vital for empowering local communities with education and skills, often thrive through strategic collaborations. One standout example is the partnership between the Community Partnership and Extension Unit of Philippine Normal University South Luzon and the Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration for Resilient Asia (PNU-SECRA). Together, they have leveraged the Sustainable Livelihood of Household Managers program, also known as Kabuhayan Para Kay Juana, to bridge gaps in formal education and help community members obtain livelihood programs.

In a recent startup event held at Brgy. Lalaguna Lopez, Quezon, this collaboration took center stage. At precisely 9:00 a.m., the SECRA Team Lead, Dr. Darryl Montebon, and Members, Dr. Leah Amor Cortez, Dr. Arlyne Marasigan, and Mr. Mike Renon joined forces with PNUSL officials, to offer lectures, business seed fund, and starter kits for budding entrepreneurs. Dr. Montebon highlighted the program’s purpose and achievements, underscoring the importance of SECRA’s involvement.

Throughout the event, SECRA’s contributions were evident, from guiding discussions on business fundamentals to facilitating interactive activities aimed at igniting entrepreneurial spirit. As participants brainstormed unique business names and absorbed valuable insights, SECRA members stood alongside Dr. Montebon, ensuring the success of each endeavor. Their collaborative efforts not only sparked enthusiasm among attendees but also reinforced the program’s mission of fostering sustainable livelihoods within the community.

The MMCL’s initial project partnership with PTC resulted to the following milestones: (1) conduct of the Citizens Training Program & Master Training Program, which mobilized an estimated 350 students and faculty members of the HEI; (3) acuired the knowledge and simple skills in the use o the Master of Disaster (MOD) board game that teaches how to prepare and actively respond to different calamities in the Philippines, where the MMCL students also learned basic concepts/terms in DRR in a fun way; (3) creating a pool of PTC-RISE MCL Volunteers – MCL student volunteers through the Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training (Mapúa-PTC CMET); and (4) Integration of modules on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM), with the addition of gende-based violence in emergencies or GBViE into the general materials on DRR and the National Service Training Program (NSTP) courses to mainstream topics about climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. For 2024, the MMCL is set to renew its partnership with PTC under the RISE Program for Safer Schools. Noteworthy is MMCL’s continuing efforts in integrating the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in our activities.


MMCL - Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC) Project RISE

Resiliency Improvement Support and Education for the Seafarer Community in the Philippines



Biochar palette produce by using paultry litter. Initially collect paultry litter from paultry farms and then need to be pre processing. After initial processing work need to be start low temperature pyrolysis process and finally need to be palletaliz. Target audience is organic farmers, bio gas production plants and paultry farmers.


Empowering Agriculture: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Farming

Introduce cutting-edge tools, provide expert consultatuion, and offer ongoing support to farmers worldide

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