SECRA aims at tackling the often ad hoc, episodic quality of university-enterprise collaboration (UEC) in the field of disaster resilience in the project’s partner countries, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines. This is a pressing issue, because the knowledge and skills transfer through entrepreneurial processes within UEC have the potential to increase disaster resilience, as, for example, in better and more efficient agricultural practices. In turn, disaster resilient societies are more likely to better respond and adapt to consequences of climate change, to which SECRA’s partner countries are particularly vulnerable.

SECRA concomitantly addresses gender equity as a means of achieving better UEC. There is no simple answer to the wickedness of climate change consequences or in achieving resilience. In SECRA, we believe that facilitating systematic, institutionalized, and monitored UEC is part of a solution.

In summary, the overarching aim of SECRA is to contribute to more resilient communities in Asia through institutionalized, systematic, monitored, innovative, and inclusive UEC in disaster resilience.



Objective 1

SECRA’s first objective is to trace, delimit, and map the landscape of UEC collaborations broadly identified through (i) work preceding SECRA and (ii) the needs analysis conducted together with the program countries of the Philippines, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. This work will provide the foundation for the work conducted in the development WPs.

Objective 2

SECRA’s second objective is to foster a better alignment between the interest of enterprises and the national public interest, especially in the field of disaster resilience.

Objective 3

SECRA’s third objective is to create the prerequisites for, and establish, a community of practice (CoP) involving university and enterprise actors in the field of disaster resilience, both in physical and in virtual network terms.

Objective 4

SECRA’s fourth objective is to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in the selected HEIs by creating opportunities for collaboration with enterprise actors; support the transition of ideas into practice, and support start-ups and scale-ups while making use of existing knowledge resources at these HEIs.

Objective 5

SECRA’s fifth objective is to develop and launch a monitoring and assessment tool that can feed into evaluations of UEC collaborations in a broader effort towards evidence-based policy making in the program countries.

Objective 6

Our sixth objective is to foster appropriate, inclusive solutions for the promotion of gender equity and diversity.

SECRA’s aim and objectives are in line with the EU2020 strategy as well as with a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,
namely 5 (gender equality), 9 (industry, innovation, and infrastructure), 13 (climate action), and 17 (partnerships for the goals).

The project duration is January 2021 – December 2023

Work Packages and Deliverables

  • Corporate start-up lab
  • University Enterprise Engagement Days
  • Online Training Sessions
  • Partner Institution Staff Mobility
  • UEC Compass Model and Tool
  • On-Site and Online Training Sessions
  • Sensitization programme
  • Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy
  • Website and Online presence
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Press-releases
  • Promotional material
  • Articles in local trade publications
  • Sustainability and Continuity Plan
  • Final Event

Project Updates

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SECRA Newsletter Volume 03

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The second seminar series for the SECRA Work Package 4 (Innovation and Enterprise) is hosted by The University of Central […]

The second seminar series for the SECRA Work Package 4 (Innovation and Enterprise) is hosted by The University of Central […]

The second seminar series for the SECRA Work Package 4 (Innovation and Enterprise) is hosted by The University of Central […]

The second seminar series for the SECRA Work Package 4 (Innovation and Enterprise) is hosted by The University of Central […]


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